Monday, December 7, 2009

Santa/ Rolly Poley!

Today was a HUGE day in the life of Miss Avery Polk! First, we went to see Santa for the first time! Avery did so perfect! There were several pictures that turned out really cute, but the one we ended up getting was priceless!!
Here are some of the pictures WE took:

And this is the Santa picture for 2009:

She is thinking : "Hmmm, you look like someone who could fit down my chimney and give me lots of good stuff!!- Proove it!"

So in this same day we hit another milestone!! Avery has learned to roll over! She is quite good at it too! All of a sudden she just started rolling over and has done it over and over and over again... she's on a ROLL... get it?!.... "a roll"... cause she's rolling... I know you get it!
Anyways, I video taped one of the many successful rolls.

ENJOY!! Our baby girl is so talented!!