Thursday, February 18, 2010

Daddy Look- Alike!

There is NO WAY Avery could look more like her Daddy than in this picture... had to post it!! She is starting to look more and more like him... and this picture definitely shows it!

Valentines Day!

So I am a little behing... imagine that! But just wanted to tell everyone about our Valentine's Day this year! It was so much fun. The day before we all went to one of my favorite stores... Harry's Farmer's Market!! I went to to the restroom and when I came back... my sweet baby was sound asleep... like this...

So Mommy to the rescue...
She was so precious and rode through the entire store like this... Too sweet if you ask me!

On the 14th, my sweet husband cooked me dinner. We had Ribeye steaks on the grill, scallops wraped in bacon and asparagus with mushrooms. It was sooo yummy! I also got beautiful flowers, candies and bath goodies from Ernest and Avery. The card was so wonderful... simple but made me smile:
We love You Mommy, Happy Valentine's Day!! Love Avery and Daddy:)
Here are the pictures we took that evening...
What a wonderful first Valentine with Avery Leigh!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Georgia Blizzard FOR REAL!

I'm sorry its taken so long to post an update, but its been pretty busy around here! And when we arent busy we are trying to get some rest or clean! :) We are loving every second with this precious angel of ours... and time is just going by so fast. She amazes me every day. She's loving reading now... finally! Today when we were reading, at the end of every book after I shut it, she would scream for another one... I'd grab abother book and start reading and she would stop. haha

Anyways, we recently got a ton of snow around here... and while Avery had her first snow not too long ago, this time it was enough to really see and touch. She really enjoyed feeling how cold it was. This precious outfit was given to her by my dad and stepmom (her Nana and Papa Jim) and I hate to say it... but she's definitely an adorable baby. Ok, I don't hate to say it... but I definitely think it!

Here are our fun in the snow pictures!

As you can see, daddy didnt want to be in any pictures... of course! haha

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Happy Half Birthday Avery!!

This is a letter I wrote Avery for her first year scrapbook. I can't believe she is getting so big.

Dearest Avery,

Today my sweet Angel you are 6 months old and I can not even believe how fast the time has flown by. It feels like last week we found out you were growing in my tummy, and yesterday you were born. The past 6 months have been the most incredible months of our lives. There is not one day that goes by that I don’t thank God that he gave you to us. You are such a beautiful baby and we are so excited to see how you change and grow over the next 6 months.

As of now:

You change every day, and when we think you have so much personality- you only gain more the following day. You are the most snuggly and “lovey” baby we have ever seen! You want kisses, kisses, kisses, all the time. Originally we thought you were “hungry” when you came after our faces like you do- but we soon figured out that you were just giving us kisses. And when I say you come after us for kisses… you come after us with huge open mouth kisses!

You can roll over from your back to your stomach, and then from your stomach to your back. Keeping you in one spot is getting more difficult every day. You can hold yourself up on your hands and knees, but have yet to move anywhere farther than turning in circles. From what we hear, you are VERY advanced and ahead on all these tricks. The thing that made me realize how fast you are growing is when you learned to sit on your own. You LOVE to sit up, and be carried all over so you can see what’s going on. You don’t like sitting in one spot for a long time, which is something you get from your mommy! Your newest thing is when you “Growl” (GRRRRRRRR) or more like (AHHHHHH) with a growling tone You will go back and forth in a growling conversation with Mommy and Daddy. You and daddy also do a silly thing where you stick your tongue out and blow, making spit go everywhere. While Daddy doesn’t make spit come out, you have it all over the place! Your favorite toy is your exersaucer or “exerciser” as I call it. You love bouncing up and down in it and pushing the buttons to make the music turn on.

You are already wearing 9-12 month clothes- You get it honestly though- You have a very tall daddy, as well as a very tall mommy. As far as sleeping goes, you have recently started wanting to sleep with Mommy and Daddy again. We seem to think that since your teeth are so close to coming in, you just want a little more snuggle time since you love closeness so much. We don’t mind it one bit though; plus, Daddy and I have slept better with you in the bed next to us because you sleep so much better! Before moving to our bed you would wake up every hour, MAYBE 2 hours just so we would pick you up and hold you. Now, since you are right there and can smell us next to you, many nights you sleep 5-7 hours straight. It seems like you have a magnet inside your sweet body that is attracted to me though, because every time I wake up you have moved right up next to me. I love when you fall asleep with your hand on my face in the bed at night… you are just too precious.

While you still mostly nurse, you have started eating baby food once a day- generally for lunch. Your favorite is bananas, but so far don’t seem too picky- like your daddy!

You LOVE Cleo and Sheba, and they are starting to realize you will pet them. Sheba lately has loved coming to lie near you, so that you will rub her head. Cleo has always been your protector though. Any time someone other than Mommy and Daddy holds you and you start to cry, Cleo runs up and looks at them like “What are you doing to my baby?- I’m watching you!” You definitely growl at them for attention, and get louder and louder until they acknowledge you are in the room.

While you talk a lot like your mommy, your facial expressions are just like your daddy. You are always thinking- which is a Daddy trait! Everyone says you are starting to look more like him. I have to admit, I enjoyed looking at you and seeing me as a baby, BUT I also love looking at you now and seeing your daddy. You are so beautiful and have the most beautiful blue eyes that I just can’t get enough of.

Most of all we are just so in love with you. Thank you for allowing us to be your mommy and daddy. We promise to always make you feel loved and safe. Thank you for making it so easy for us to love you. The love a mommy and daddy have for their child is a love like no other. Six months ago today I was holding in my arms the most beautiful token of God’s unending love and faithfulness for the first time. .. We are so blessed and thankful to have such a precious baby girl in our lives.

Happy Half Birthday Beautiful Avee !!

Love Always,