Monday, December 6, 2010

Going Away Party

Hey family and friends! I am finally checking in for the first time since my handsome soldier left! Avery and I miss Daddy SOOO increcibly much, but like you will hear quite often- We are SOOO proud of him. We are doing well, and getting in the swing of things. We are used to him leaving for a month or so at a time- and because of this, we have taken over the household jobs... and started our daily routines with Avery and I. Cooking for 1.5 isn't the most fun... but I'm trying! I have always cooked too much for all 3 of us, now we are missing the main consumer of the meals! Ernest has made it safely to his training area, and I successfully changed the smoke detector in our bedroom with a vaulted cieling. Now, lets dicuss who is doing the dirty work- ME! :) I carried a smaller ladder up 2 flights of stairs from the basement to our room. Got it set up- and it's too short. SO, I carried it back down to the basement and carried the large ladder up 2 flights of stairs. The life of a military wife! I have had some wonderful friends do an awesome job at cheering me up. The greatest combination? A tub of Half Baked Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream, a ice cream tub coozie, and a huge spoon. Thank you Lisa Henson- You know how to comfort me! :) As far as Ernest goes, we have hardly been able to talk because he is so incredibly busy. The first few nights he had meetings until 11-12(their time) and had to get up at 4. He was exhausted, had the same cold as Avery and I... which isn't a good combination. But he says things are beginning end a little earlier... maybe 11... and he doesnt have to be up quite as early. He tries to call a couple times a day, but in general, it's only one phone call a day. I will continue to update everyone through this blog!! You can subscribe to it, so you will get updates as I send them.

So, I wanted to post some pictures from Ernest's Going Away Party that we had  on November 13. I wanted to give all of our families a chance to love on him before he left. We really appreciate everyone who came out- and missed those who couldn't make it. Thanks so much for all the letters, I know it will help his spirits. He asked me to put them in a package to be shipped for him to read while he is away. This will be a great encouragement for him!

 A little emotional when my dad was reading a story a friend sent me about while soldiers deploy.


Before Ernest left, he and I went on our FIRST date night since having Avery. It was a great night, and gave us some wonderful quality time to chat... without our sweet baby climbing all over the place! We ate at Copelands (where we had our first date). It was SOOO yummy, we always leave stuffed. After dinner we went and walked around the mall... then headed home. Here are some of the pictures we took when we got back from dinner. It was an awesome night... just with he was home now!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

I forgot!! Pumpkin Patch Pictures!!

We go to the same Pumpkin Patch every year, and LOVE IT! We go to Berry Patch Farms. While the pumpkins are rather pricey, we generally get a little one- so say we did- then head straight to walmart to get a larger and much cheaper pumpkin! Here are the pictures we took this year, and again- we were so thankful to have Daddy there with us!