Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pumpkin Carving 2009

We had so much fun carving our first pumpkin as a little family with our Avery. What a fun weekend we had!!

Big Girl Chair!

Here is Avery's new chair... SHE LOVES IT! My precious love is 3 months old today... wow... time flies!

Daddy time

So besides the pumpkin patch this weekend, we had a VERY lazy weekend. VERY LAZY! :)

Avery loves when her daddy is off from work!!

Just like a girl...

Avery isyite the talker! This is a cute video taken of a conversation with the most important man in her life... DADDY!! She usually talks even more... yet every time we get out the camera she stops!! :)

Pumpkin Patch 2009

Today we went to the pumpkin patch in Woodstock. We wanted this to be a fun tradition we do each year. Granted Avery is only 3 months... but since Ernest will be gone this time next year being our HERO, we wanted to start the tradition with him here of course. It was a blast- but freezing! We had Avery bundled up pretty well, but with the wind- her cute outfit wasnt seen because we wrapped her in a blanket to keep her ears warm! We found Avery's first pumpkin and it is too cute. Tiny!
Here are some pictures we took with our new camera! SOOOO thankful to have a camera again. My phone took decent ones, but nothing close to what a camera can do. Here are a bunch of pictures from the fun trip!

passed out before we even left the parking lot!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Pretty in Blue

I just thought Miss Avery looked beautiful in her blue turtle neck- So I wanted to show everyone!

2 Month Shots

Well, the time has come and gone for Avery's 2 month shots! AHHH... time is flying by for sure. She is almost 3 months, but the shots were pushed back because our pediatrician was out of town right when Avery reached her 2 month mark.
So of course I was torn up knowing I was going to put her in pain... but in the long run- it is for her own good. I was beyond sick about it though! We went Thursday, Ernest met us at the doctor, and planned to go ahead and get all the vaccines needed at this point. We have decided that starting with the 4 month shots we may split them up instead of all at once. But from talking to friends and the doctors, the first set of vaccines arent as "intense". So we get there, and Avery weighs 13.8lbs, 25in long and overall in the 97% range. We all know that between Ernest and I- she has a good chance of being tall!
Then it was vaccine time. First they gave her the oral Rotatec- which made her choke. She lost her breathe for what seemed like a long time- long enough that after she caught her breathe again, the nurse wanted to get the doctor before beginning the shots. All of a sudden Avery fell asleep when I was holding her- and it seemed like a very awkward time to fall asleep so suddenly. Needless to say it was scary! I was in the corner crying while the doctor was holding her trying to figure out what the deal was! After this fiasco- we decided to only give her one shot, and went back this morning to give her the other two. We are so glad we did. With the shots Avery did so wonderful. With the first shot she cried for about 10 seconds, and the second time we went for the final two shots she barely made a peep! What a big girl we have!! So proud of her!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dance Mania!

Every night before Avery's bath we "dance"! This has become something we look forward to!! :) Avery enjoys this fun nightly routine... and it sure does tire her out!! Here is our dancin machine!! Watch until the very end... the last part when the "salsa" music comes on is the best!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Big Girl!!

So since it is rare that I can actually get on and type whats been going on- Now that Avery is asleep... I need to post it all!! So there are several new posts...
This one is informing everyone that my little Bug is getting to be too big! She has transferred from our bed co-sleeping to her bassinett!! Oh man... :) She did great with the transition! The first night she slept 6 hours, woke up and ate- then slept 5 more hours! WOAH!! That has yet to happen again- in general it's 6 hours, 4 hours, 1 hour- waking up at 9 am like clockwork!

Here are the pictures of our big girl in her bassinett the first few nights! I am very surprised that she doesnt have both her arms up above her... in general that's how she sleeps... she stretches back... and lets her hands just fall... so funny! Guess she was just too pooped after I put her in there to get a good stretch before falling into deep sleep!!

Whoa Is Me...

Avery in all her CUTEness

Here are some pictures that I just love of our beautiful girl