Sunday, March 28, 2010


Things have been so busy around here... and I cant really tell you why... I guess just staying busy with this little one, and Ernest working so much. Thinking back, we havent had a lot of events or overall plans... but we've been busy! :)
So this is a big update about whats been going on in the past... MONTH!

Our first exciting news is that Avery is ON THE MOVE! She's still in slow motion, but definitely trying to get all over the place! Here is a video I took this morning... We woke up not too long before so her hair isnt fixed haha. :)

On a slightly different note, last night was a pretty traumatic experience in the Polk Household! Yesterday morning, Avery woke up with a fever of 102.7. Throughout the day we gave her Motrin, which helped. But last night after we all went to bed she was scalding hot. We gave her more Motrin and took her temperature and it was 103.7- WOW!!!! We ended up taking her to Scotish Rite Children's Hospital where they checked for a UTI and ear infection- both came back negative. So they determined more than likely its a virus that will just have to run its course.So far today she seems a little cooler... and hopefully it stays that way. Poor Daddy has drill today, so we got home at 4:30- then he had to turn right around and head to work. We sure do love him!!!
These were a couple pictures I took this morning when I woke up. She isnt near as red as she was last night... but you can still see the fever in her cheeks.


Well, Avee is waking up! Will update more later today.