Saturday, September 17, 2011

Courtney White Photography

Here are a few of the pictures my friend Courtney took for us. There are more to come when she gives me the CD... but here are a few for now...


Hey Friends and Family!!! I know you are thinking that it has once again been a long time since we last updated our blog. It has been a whirlwind of a couple months. I wanted to come on and update everyone on all that's going on with us!!!
E came home for 2 weeks, and to say it was a wonderful break would be an understatement. It was long overdue, and while saying goodbye was extrememly difficult, it was worth it to have our family complete for a short time. Now we'll count down the days until he is home for good!! Here are some pictures that were taken the day he came home. It was so great. I went an picked him up from the airport. We figured that would be the best option since we weren't for certain when his flight would actually get in. I knew that if he was delayed a couple hours, and he had no phone to let me know... Avery would be quite the handful. So she stayed with my mom while I went to pick him up.

These are from me picking him up.  A couple of my friends went a long because they wanted to take pictures/videos for us to have and keep. I wasn't planning on having anyone go, but when they asked, I decided that would be something we will always cherish!

We then went to my mom's house and got Avery. It was a surprise for her... and she loved it. She kept saying "Dada....Dada.........Dada....Dada...." she couldn't even believe he was home. It was precious. She was right by his side the entire time he was here. Girls and their Daddies!!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Father's Day

Since Daddy wasn't home this father's day, we wanted to send him a VERY special package!!! Avery has the most incredible Daddy she could ever ask for. She has no idea how much he loves her. He is so special to us, so we wanted to make sure he knew how much we love him... and cherish and celebrate him on days JUST for Daddys! Here are all the goodies he got from his little princess!!! (all these pictures were sent to him as well... to show how she helped or made EVERYTHING!!!

We made a bear for Daddy!! It looks just like him. 

Here are some pictures of the process of HER making it for him...

The lady let her put 2 hearts in Buggy Bear... one for Avery and one for Mommy. Avery and I gave each of the hearts kisses just for Daddy's heart! 

These are some pictures of Avery painting a picture for Daddy... (our left handed baby)

This is the book I made to show Daddy all Avery did

A picture of the bear, and on the bear's hand it says "push my hand" We recorded Avery saying "Da da da da" which E knows means I LOVE DADA... she's said it that way for a looong time!! 

The heart we sent him to keep in his pocket. This is on one side... 

This is the one Avery and I keep with us

This is the size, and what they both say on the back



Avery has a few favorite play place!!! DOODLEBUGS!!! We will be taking daddy here when he comes home... he will LOVE seeing how crazy his little baby is!!!!


Many of you may be asking... "Who are you???" and "Have we seen you around here before??" Well, as a matter of fact you have, My name is Alex Polk... and I have a hard time remembering to come and update our family blog. I am very sorry to those who read this, and I am pretty sure I say this very time, I realize it's been a while since I have been on here. My brain is filled with all sorts of craziness lately... so for that, I appologize for being so ding dang forgetful!!!

So, lately Avery and I have been all over the place- and getting stuff done, while being torn in so many directions.

Update on our soldier:
He is doing a WONDERFUL job, and I am sure no one doubted that he would. He has been so incredibly busy lately. This past week our internet was struck by lightening. So between his internet being down, ours being down... it was a little over a week that we didn't talk. Many people don't seem to understand how hard that is sometimes. We have gotten the hang of getting our day to day stuff done without our daddy here with us... but I definitely count on those phone calls... hearing his voice, and seeing his handsome face on Skype. I know I definitely talk to him more than anyone else... as instructed by his family- They wanted him to call home first... and pass along information on how he's doing. But, I know it is always a treat to hear from his family as well... timing just tends to be off since he is going off naps- and there is no set schedule to tell people when he will be online. But generally, we talk about 5 mins a day... sometimes more... sometimes less- so we are thankful for the time he does have to call home. And I know Avery enjoys it as well! We are still not sure when he will be home for r&r. it keeps switching, so we aren't sure when Avery's birthday party/ Daddy day will be. But once we know- I will pass along information to each family to spread to anyone in the family interested in coming. I know he would love to see everyone!!!

MY school update:
Many people know that Avery was a "surprise" to our family. I had been in school a couple years and changed majors from Early childhood education to dental hygiene (mainly because my school was giving me the run around, and ruining my desire to teach. ) After finding out our little Avery was on her way, I decided to go back to education and finish up. While I was pregnant I told myself I would be going back to school right after she was born (slightly niave to the whole situation) When reality set in, Avery was born August 2... and school was supposed to start the 15th. Who was I kidding?!?! Women even get maternity leave... I would not being going straight to school... I couldn't. So Ernest and I talked, and we wanted me to be home with her for the first year of her life. Which, I enjoyed so incredibly much. I am so lucky to have an amazing husband who is such a wonderful provider to his family. Needless to say, I was all set to go back to school this past semester (January 11). Once again, Ernest and I talked... and decided that with him deploying, we didn't want to change everything in her 1 year old world... daddy leaving, and mommy going back to school, sending her to daycare all at once. SO, i talked to the teachers at school. One of them was a military brat growing up. She encouraged me as well to stay home with her another semester. We decided it was best for our family to again, wait for me to finish my degree. Keep in mind, I only have 2 semesters left. But, Avery is of course first on our list, and we felt it would be best for me to stay with her during this deployment.

We talked about me going to school this coming semester- I went to the mandatory meeting at school, Avery has started daycare... and I had my heart set on going, and finally finishing school.  Avery LOVES her daycare, and so do I. My heart was comfortable with this adventure in our lives. I said big prayers... that God provide us with what He feels is best for our family. Little did I know, he had a different plan for us. Our school has a "sign up" night  at 10 o'clock for the school/time you wanted classes. I needed a school close by in case of an emergency with Avery, and one close enough that I could get to on time after taking Avery to daycare. (being a solo parent isn't easy) WELL, there was a computer "glitch" and I drew the short straw. we were told we would get the school information after successfully signing up... which I did... so I printed this page as my "confirmation". I later thought it was strange that it didn't say "CONGRATULATIONS" or anything, so decided to call the school and confirm that I had signed up correctly. I WASN'T ON THEIR LIST. Out of over 200 students, 12 other students and I had this same issue. In tears (because I just knew this was what I was supposed to do at this point in my life- finish school) I talked to the teacher and she said "well, you need to sign up for another school so you are on the list, then submit a "request to change" form and wait to hear whether it was granted. I prayed hard- not that my request would be granted, but that He would make my heart at peace to whatever decision he felt was best for our family right now. After weeks of waiting... she granted me a closer elementary school, but with classes at  KSU at night. Obviously daycares aren't open at night... so this wasn't possible.  But, surprisingly- I was at peace with this decision. I want to finish school in May so bad... but He knows this will benefit our family. There were pros and cons to both outcomes... If I went this semester, the con was being in school 3 days a week while E comes home on R&R, being in school when he gets home in November for good. A pro was I would graduate in May. Cons for not going this semester- since I will be in elementary schools, they don't have summer classes... therefore, I won't graduate until December. Pros- more time with our soldier when he comes home both times... and more Avery time. Overall- point is, I will not be starting school until January, and while everyone seems to have their opinions, some positive, others negative- I am comfortable and excited about this plan!! Ernest knows how important it is to me to finish school, so he is being supportive, but is frustrated with all the trouble they have given me lately. He is happy with whatever my heart is happy with. It's for ME to get my degree... I want it!!! So he is being a great husband and allowing me to finish, paying for classes... sending Avery to school... but is willing to wait until the timing works best for us all!

Avery's school update!!
Avery has started "school" at Sunbrook Academy" and LOVES it!!! She has been going on Tuesdays and Wednesdays every week. Tuesdays are Water Park days. They said it usually takes kids a couple weeks to feel confident enough to run through the water park (jets that shoot up water). But of course our wild child was the first one out there!!!  She is such a social butterfly... we knew she would thrive there!! Here are some pictures from her first day!! 

Now to do other picture and event updates... MORE COMING TONIGHT

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thinking out loud... and seeking HIM

Why is it people say you seek God at the hardest points in your life? What about those of us who already know him?  If the hardest obstacles in life make you who you are in the end... why do we pray to try to prevent it?  Do we search for God thinking it will purely “fix” what needs to be fixed and ultimately change the outcome of a situation... do we pray for self comfort that you did all you could... now it's up to Him? Or do we pray for answers, seeking someone who knows before it happens?? I am passionate for God, but have realized I sometimes tend to go longer than I would like without talking to him. Lately I find myself falling to my knees, or closing my eyes to seek Him and His comfort around me more than I ever have before. I believe in Him with all my heart and soul and know He reminds us every day of His power, mercy and glory. We all have our daily struggles and pains. For me, one huge daily struggle is listening to my precious daughter ask for her “Daddy” every time she gets upset or wants something… hoping he will be there to comfort her (a comfort only a Daddy can fill). For now, Mommy will have to do- and I promise to give EXTRA snuggles while I remind her how much her Daddy loves his precious “Bug”. I could not be more proud of the handsome man I married- And I hope he knows that. I can’t wait to have him home where he is supposed to be- Where he is constantly hugged and kissed by his two favorite girls. I know at a time like this I am seeking him more than I have in the past… But me seeking God isn't in desperation... mine is in clarity and comfort.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Address for Ernest

I have given the address for Ernest to SOMEONE in each of our families, and hope they have passed along the information to anyone who wants it. If not, here is a way to send letters and packages to him.

CPT. Ernest Polk
D CO 1-171
APO ae09378

When filling out the customs form- this is where you put the address... it is kind of tricky.

TO: CPT Ernest Polk

Address: D CO 1-171

Postcode: 09378

City: APO

State/Province: ae

Hope this helps! He still doesnt say much that he needs. But anything is appreciated Im sure!! :)

It's about time!!!

First of all, I am so sorry it has taken so long to update this blog! There are so many nights I sit down, intending to write... and then get side tracked, Ernest called, Avery wakes up, or I fall asleep- so there goes that idea! I promise to try harder to keep this up to date. I had no idea we actually had readers... but aparently we do!

So, my handsome hero is doing an amazing job! He is busy, busy... and pretty much surviving on naps- but he is doing his best, which we all know is more than you could get from so many other people. That is one of the many things I love so much about him. He is so commited to his family, the military, and everything he loves. He gives his all... and does an amazing job.

Avery and I are holding down the fort... and I have to say we are doing a great job, I think. So many days I think "how in the world am I getting all this done"... and then realize - yeah, you're getting it done! way to go!! Ernest would be proud! :) With as much as I miss him- time is going by pretty quickly. Between Avery, issues with the dogs, and taking some time to myself to go to the gym to help release stress, the days seem to come and go. When I say issues with the dogs... I mean ISSUES WITH THE DOGS!! several weeks ago, Cleo decided to dig through the trash can and find the left over rotisserie chicken we had for dinner. She ate it all. Bones included! So when I cam downstairs, saw the trash can knocked over... and the chicken MISSING, I proceeded to search the house for the left over chicken bones. NOTHING WAS EVER FOUND. And where might they have been?? HER STOMACH!!! So after researching online (which any of you who know me... I do that more than I should) and everyone said "oh yeah, she'll be fine..." and "she will die!!" Needless to say, she started throwing up bones the following day, and had diarrhea. A VERY high vet bill later- she had to have surgery to get the bones in her stomach and intestines removed!! They were cutting her insides to pieces, and blocking her intestines. NOT FUN!!! She is 100% better now.

I am hoping to not take so long to post an update in the future! I know this is just NOT ACCEPTABLE :) But I promise I am staying so busy!! Thanks again for all the love and support!!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Saying goodbye to Daddy

This was one of the most difficult days we have had as a family. I never thought saying goodbye to someone could be so hard. We will see him soon... I tell myself that every day. I love him with my entire heart. He and Avery are my world, yet saying "see you later" when you know that will be about 10 months, that's a sad day.
I think about how proud I am of him every day... and on the days where I need a little more encouragement, I remind myself how much I love him... and that will always be enough.

I love you handsome husband! Know Avery and I are here thinking and praying for you every day. Come home safe to us. You are the most amazing man in our lives. Your girls are so proud of you!!!