Saturday, September 17, 2011


Hey Friends and Family!!! I know you are thinking that it has once again been a long time since we last updated our blog. It has been a whirlwind of a couple months. I wanted to come on and update everyone on all that's going on with us!!!
E came home for 2 weeks, and to say it was a wonderful break would be an understatement. It was long overdue, and while saying goodbye was extrememly difficult, it was worth it to have our family complete for a short time. Now we'll count down the days until he is home for good!! Here are some pictures that were taken the day he came home. It was so great. I went an picked him up from the airport. We figured that would be the best option since we weren't for certain when his flight would actually get in. I knew that if he was delayed a couple hours, and he had no phone to let me know... Avery would be quite the handful. So she stayed with my mom while I went to pick him up.

These are from me picking him up.  A couple of my friends went a long because they wanted to take pictures/videos for us to have and keep. I wasn't planning on having anyone go, but when they asked, I decided that would be something we will always cherish!

We then went to my mom's house and got Avery. It was a surprise for her... and she loved it. She kept saying "Dada....Dada.........Dada....Dada...." she couldn't even believe he was home. It was precious. She was right by his side the entire time he was here. Girls and their Daddies!!!

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  1. I love these pictures everytime I see them! :)