Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Saying goodbye to Daddy

This was one of the most difficult days we have had as a family. I never thought saying goodbye to someone could be so hard. We will see him soon... I tell myself that every day. I love him with my entire heart. He and Avery are my world, yet saying "see you later" when you know that will be about 10 months, that's a sad day.
I think about how proud I am of him every day... and on the days where I need a little more encouragement, I remind myself how much I love him... and that will always be enough.

I love you handsome husband! Know Avery and I are here thinking and praying for you every day. Come home safe to us. You are the most amazing man in our lives. Your girls are so proud of you!!!

Snow White Christmas

YES, I know- I'm a little late!!! I have been so busy (intentionally). I have been busy with Avery during the day, and when she goes to sleep, I have been painting the house! It looks sooo pretty, and I will post pictures (yeah right, is what you are thinking, I know) With all that being said, tonight I am taking off from paintig to make some updates on this blog!!

Again, we were so lucky to have our handsome Daddy home this Christmas. One tradition we have decided to start is for our little family to wake up in our home Christmas morning... and hang out and play all day. So, this was the first year we did that! It was sooo wonderful to spend the day together, playing with all of Avery's new toys that Santa dropped off!!

                                                                     THANKS SANTA!

THEN!!! It snowed on Christmas! How perfect is that?!?!

                                                                It's NOT a fashion show!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas Picture Catch Up!

I have every intention of catching up on this blog within the next few days! So here goes. The first update will be all the pictures from over Christmas with Daddy home :). We had some wonderful time as a "little family", but also enjoyed a day with some of our "big family". Avery is so blessed to have so many amazing people in her life (as are we). Those people, spoiled her rotten this Christmas! She LOVES all her goodies. Like I mentioned before, we are rearranging the downstairs so that I can move around the house without falling over toys :). It's amazing how much she plays with them all though, she doesn't take a break!
Here are the Christmas pictures!!

Nana, Papa Jim and Uncy Austin's visit!
 Avery's new kitchen from Nana and Papa Jim!

 The pups getting their prizes!
 All the food from Nanny and Pa!

 Avery's new apron from her BEALS family!
 Avery's "Avery" baby :)

Right after my family left, Ernest's family came! And as I was uploading them to the blog, I realized I dont think I got them all from my computer! I will add more SOON!