Tuesday, May 25, 2010

One fish, Two fish, Red fish, Blue fish!!

Avery is officially a water lover!! First we got her a baby pool... and she loves it! THEN we went with some friends to a REAL pool:) She loved that even more!!! She kept splashing, laughing and wanting to stick her face in (making momma nervous!!) Here are some pictures from our fun pool days!!


9 Month Photo Shoot

Here are the pictures we had taken by Chris Walters Photography. He is an amazing photographer! If anyone is in this area, and ever needs a photopgrahyer, let me know and I will give you all his information. He took Avery's 3 month, and 9 month pictures so far. His prices are amazing!! We ended up with a CD of 80+ pictures- But here are some of our favorites!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

9 Month photos

Here are some of the pictures from Avery's 9 month shoot. We are still waiting on the rest of them- he's been super busy!! He said his turn around time right now is about 2-3 weeks... so check back and I'll be sure to post more!!

Disregard what looks like a double chin on me haha... this angle- looking down is NOT me best angle!!

                                                 Look at our precious model!!!

Aviation Formal 2010!

This year, the Aviation Formal fell on the weekend with "Strong Bonds" at Stone Mountain. I was actually pretty excited about the weekend. I was told its a great tool to help families learn techniques and gain knowledge beneficial for when our soldiers deploy. It was actually great to get to spend time with Ernest, that's for sure!
My mom came along to keep Avery while we were in classes. We got there on Friday around 11, and hung out until the classes started at 1. So my mom kept Avery from 1 until 3:30. The look on Avery's face when we got back melted my heart. She is used to being away from Daddy, but Momma... I think its been 2 hours for the longest time- until this weekend! So this was the schedule, and luckily everything was in the same hotel (which was amazing)
Arrived and got settled 11-1 (Kept Avee with us)
Classes 1-3:30 (Avery was with Gammie)
My mom left after our classes ended and Ernest Avery and I all hung out in the room until dinner started at about 6:30.
My mom got there at 8:15 or so and Ernest and I went to breakfast. I ran back to the room to try and feed Avery before the long day of classes... but she was busy playing.
classes were from 9-12, 1-3:30. My mom decided to take Avery to visit my Aunt Pam and Uncle Gary to pass time... they got back at about 4:30. Needless to say Avery was ready for some Momma time.
BUT, then we had to go to the Aviation Ball at 6. Again, my mom was with Avery. At about 8 I wanted to go check on her... my mom opens the door and says "oh my goodness, thank goodness! She's been freaking out for 45 mins". My mom didnt want to interrupt the Ball... but Avery was flipping out! She was doing the hyperventilating breating to catch her breath from crying so hard. Needless to say, I decided to stay in the room, Ernest came back- and we called it a night and was asleep by 10. yes, we are boring now!

Avery is still mostly nursing, so that is where the separation issue comes from! She has always hated bottles... but will take a sippy cup. BUT, after being away from Momma all day... nothing except mommy comfort would suffice!
It was a wonderful weekend... and REALLY appreciate my mom coming to help!! She was a lifesaver.
We only took pictures of the formal- and the pictures were after we got back for the night. Here are some of the ones we took!!

Who would of thought she had just been freaking out for 45 mins?!?!

This one is a favorite of mine. This one made my mom cry when we were taking it because it made her think of how much she loves and misses her dad. Avery sure does love her Daddy... and her Daddy sure does love her!!