Monday, September 28, 2009

Happy 2 month Birthday to bug!

SO, Little Miss Avee Bug is officially 2 months old. Each month to me, the proud mommy, is a huge deal! We enjoyed the day by Avery sleeping... then we all went for a walk. I pushed Avery in the stroller, while Ernest battled both the dogs on leases! I definitely had the easier end of the set-up. It is amazing how much she has already changed over these two months. Hearing her laugh makes me smile so big! The fact that she smile when we talk to her, or even walk in a room- instead of only when she passes gas- makes my heart so happy. She is also mimicing us when we stick out our tongue. She is such a big girl already!
So here is a sweet picture from her big 2 month birthday stroll! We put her in the stroller without the carseat since it was warm outside... though it felt so much better with the breeze... but she looks so big in the stroller without the carseat. She LOVED it!! Giggling and talking the entire time. Once again- Im so in love!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Avee's First Playdate!

Avery and I spent last Wednesday with my sweet friend Hannah and her baby boy Grant. Baby Grant is an older man... He's 7 months old. First we all went to publix, where it was quite the sight- Avery was in her carseat in the back of the grocery cart, and Grant was in his carseat ridin shot-gun at the top... I really wish we had gotten a picture! So after getting sandwiches from Publix, we headed to the park where we ate lunch- Hannah, Grant and I... WHile Avery slept:) After eating, then feeding Avee Bug when she woke up STARVING like always:)... we walked around the park trails pushing the sleepin babes in their strollers. It was so much fun. After the park we all headed to Hannah's house and sat around, played, fed the kiddos and changed diapers :) The story of a mommy's life!  It really was a lot of fun, and we have decided it will be a weekly date. So maybe this next week we will get a picture of the "co-shoppers" in their grocery cart! Here are some pictures I took with my phone... and Hannah is sending me the pictures she took with her camera, so check back- more will be posted tonight/tomorrow! I was planning to take my camera- but when I walked downstairs to get it off the couch, it was in about 20 pieces because Ernest was trying to fix it... yet it was beyond fixable... so we are having to buy a new one- thank goodness my phone takes pretty decent pictures in the mean time.

All Dressed up ready to go!!

Carseat Buddies!

Ernest and I decided Avery needed some buddies while she's ridding around looking at... nothing. She needs a focal point! So we got her some buddies!! Here are some pictures that I took after we put them up... she LOVES them!!

"Hmmmm... These are new..."

"I think I may like them..."

"Ohh, something to hold on to!"

"They are kinda-really funny"

"And they may taste good... If... I... Could...Just...Have... One... Taste..."

Tummy Time

So we have started doing some Tummy Time with Avery Bug. She seems to like it- she just bobs her head all over and wiggles a lot!! She is too precious. I cant believe she is getting so big. These are pictures from her first Tummy Time experience!!
So on her "Tummy Time" blanket she wiggles all over and loves it...

But if she is on our lap... she zonks out! This was when my Mom, Avery's Marmi, went to the hair salon to help with Avery while I finally got my hair done! My Life-Saver... and Avee Bug thanks her cause my hair was lookin rough! :)

I am so in love with her!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mommy?? Daddy?? Good Hybrid??

So here are the pictures of Ernest, Avery and I... Ernest could not stop laughing when he saw the pictures of me...he told her- "You're gonna look like your Momma" and he said she is my little twin. Which he thinks is a good thing... I told him I think he's cute- but he said "yeah, well not as a girl"



So... What do you think?

Atlanta Flood

Well, we were lucky during the flood to have no damage, thanks to the fact that we live on a giant hill. We have several friends/families near us who weren't so lucky. We hate that so much damage was done to the homes near us. The road to get to our house is closed... and thankfully the road to get to our house the opposite way has a new bridge that was compelted about 6 months ago- the old bridge, which is still there under the new one, was completely under water. Thankfully Ernest had the day off, but he had to go to the small drug store near by to get Avery's Reflux medicine refilled... a normally 15 min drive took well over an hour one way.
Here are some pictures of our front yard. Ernest had to do MILITARY flood response work at his own home! To avoid our transformer being washed away, he had to go out and move rock bags from the sewer... against the rules we know- but we were not going to loose our house transformer! Anyways, notice his military rain coat :) My soldier!

These were pictures I saw on Facebook that were taken of a golfcourse/neighborhood down the street from our neighborhood.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

...Maybe not...

So reading may not be my baby girl's thing... at least not yet!!

Let me zoom in to show you how much she loves reading...

Dad's Visit

So Avery and I were so happy when my dad was able to come visit this past week. He has been working hard... and is busy busy. So when he was finally able to get a day off- we were glad he came to spend it with us! After hanging out at the house, we all met Ernest for lunch at our favorite hole-in-the-wall place "sessions Street Grill" for some yummy gyros! 
Avery had a blast! She was constantly cracking up when he was talking to her. She ended up falling alseep on him... but of course it was the day my phone broke... and our camera all of a sudden broke too! SO we couldnt get a picture of her sleeping on him! But here are some of the pictures we were able to take before our wonderful camera decided to act stupid.
We sure did love our visit!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lazy Day Weekend (Labor Day)

So this weekend we really just enjoyed being lazy and loving on Avery. She had a slightly rough weekend with the reflux- but seems to be doing a little better today. We took her to the pediatrician this morning to ask them what we could do to help more- BUT DIDNT TOUCH ANYTHING- and Ernest kept Avery in the truck until they called her name- SICK GERMS ARE NO GOOD! They told us to continue with the Previcid and give it to her every 12 hours instead of every 24 hours like we have been doing this past week. I also know it could take about 2 weeks for it to completely work. So we will see! She would act happy for about 12 hours after giving her the meds, then after that 12 hour mark- would scream/cry a lot. She may also be colicky which we all know has no cure/remidy. So during that time we just give her some extra love!!

As I mentioned in the last post- Ernest dad and step mom came to visit- which is always a great time. We really enjoying when we get the chance to see them! With Nancy's work schedule and all 13 pups (I think thats the current count) its hard for them to get this way. Soon we'll be able to take short trips and visit more family!!
Anyways- just a short update, nothing exciting at all!!! Posting some new pictures of our love- she's always growing, changing, and becoming more precious!!