Sunday, September 26, 2010

Nap hair!

That was one good nap!!!



Not sayin... but they have the same hair stylist!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Recent update!!

Hey All!
I know it has been a LONG time since we last updated our blog... it has been a super busy/hectic time around the Polk household. Soon after Avery's birthday, when we were visiting my sister and her two precious babies at my Dad and Step mom's house- Avery came down with a horrible fever. It went from 100.8 on Thursday morning- we went down to visit and stay the night- thinking it was teething. By about 3, her fever was 102.5. I of course freaked that Avery had a virus and was spreading it to Griffin and Ansley. BUT, through the night, Avery's fever kept getting worse and worse. It got up to 104 at it's highest. The Motrin helped for a few hours, but only brought it down to 102.5- and after 4 hours, it was way back up. Scared me to death, she was EXTREMELY fussy all night, threw up a few times... it was just NOT FUN. And you know, when you aren't in your own home, it's a little harder. SO, at 5 AM, Avery and I went to the basement so I could say goodbye to my dad (he was getting up to go fishing) because I was planning to pack up all our stuff and head towards the doctor's office so we could be there by 8 when they open. I knew this was a sickness she hadn't had before- and the first thing we all thought was an ear infection. She ended up going back to sleep- and I was NOT going to wake the sick baby. As soon as she woke up, we left, went to the pediatrician. As we expected, Avery had her FIRST ear infection EVER. Lucky us right?? WELL, this ear infection turned into a double ear infection WHILE she was on antibiotics. SO, we switched to a stronger antibiotic, while giving her the natural supplement our chiropractor suggested that would go along with the meds the doctor gave us... NO... neither of those helped. Finally, after 3 weeks of antibiotics and double ear infections- (still infected) they turned to the shot option- which they say works wonders. Hated giving her shots- but we had to get her ears well. After two rounds of the shots- (2 shots each time- over a 2 day period) they said her ears were looking better! YAY!!!! A few days later- she started poking her ears again. NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Took her in to the pediatrician (where most of our money has gone lately) and luckily they aren't infected again- but there is fluid in them. Usually common after an infection... so as long as it's gone in 3 months- we're good!

During this entire process, Daddy was gone! No fun at all, and he hated being away from his super sick/sad baby girl. Needless to say- I AM EXHAUSTED!!! I literally started crying when I had to take her back to the doctor this past time- thinking it was going to start all over. Prayers and finers crossed!!!

Pictures from our visit to my dads...The day it all began :)...

When we were speedin on the boat... and Avery launched her cup overboard

Awww, it was SO fun- We miss Aunt Brandi and cousins Griffin and Ansley

She has always LOVED her Aunt Brandi (Does Avee look sick?? NO!)

Bath time with cousin Griffin. (Yes, I blurred the private parts- believe it or not, the bath pictures of Avery when she was born were REPORTED for explicit pictures!)