Thursday, August 5, 2010

Our baby is 1!!!!

So, it has been a busy time in the Polk household for sure!! Sorry about the constant delay of posts... I will one day get better!! On an extremely happy note- OUR BABY GIRL IS 1!!! She had a wonderful birthday party- with so many sweet guests. I always feel so bad, because it is hard to constantly talk to everyone... but I think everyone understood. Avery had a blast... and was soo blessed to recieve so many wonderful gifts!! (with no duplicates!!) Here are some of the pictures from the party!

This was my chair when I was 1!

These are the party favors...

Please blow this up and set it free,
Up in the great big sky.
Include a prayer or wish for me,
Written on the side.
This prayer or wish will soar and fly,
Just like I hope to do.
It will stay with me as time goes by-
As I hope you will too.

For the flower pots:

Right now I’m small,
But one day I’ll be tall-
Just like this flower you see.
Each day that goes by,
It will grow just like I-
lovely, as lovely can be.

12 months ago, God blessed this family with a precious baby girl-
Avery Leigh Polk
On August 2nd, at 2:27 AM-
We met what will forever be an example of His love and commitment to us.
She is our pride and joy, our beautiful piece of Heaven on Earth.