Monday, April 26, 2010

Beautiful Love

Here are some of my favorite pictures we have taken of our precious girl...

Finally, a picture where she looks like me again. Was pretty sure this wouldn't happen again.

Cleo... Just hold tight... Im gonna get you out of there...

Precious Avery all ready for the warm weather!!

And finally, here are some pictures from Avery's playdate with her buddy Grant. His mom Hannah and I saw super wonderful friends... so of course these two kiddos would be too! He is over a year old... and apparently always dishes it out to other kids, but wasnt used to getting it back. Avee tried crawling all over him... made him cry... then she gave her "angry eyes" and started growling at him- like saying "dude, why are you crying, I'm trying to play with you!!"

Passed out in the Target shopping cart after playing with Grant


This past month has been a busy time for weddings! One of Ernest's guys in his unit got married... well actually, Ernest is commander of both the bride and the groom. It was a beautiful wedding and we had a lot of fun. Avee was pooped during the reception... and before her meltdown from exhaustion (when we ended up leaving) she passed out listening to "elevator music" Needless to say, we need that CD!

And this past week, our friend Rob had his recpetion for their destination wedding.

When you're're tired...

While I was cooking last night, Avee was playing in her "exerciser"... I looked over once... her eyes were heavy... head was falling... then the next time I looked...

Visiting with Nana and Papa Jim

So, it always tends to take me forever to get on andd write about what's new with us!! I really need to get better at that. By the time Avery is down for the night, I am exhausted and want to follow right behind her. Tonight, while I am so sleepy- Avery is asleep... SOOOO I am going to do a few update posts.

First, we all got to go visit Nana and Papa Jim at their AMAZING new lake house. We absolutely loved the house, and loved the visit!! It is always wonderful to see them, and for them to spend some time with Bug. She grows so fast, and changes so much- each time we see them, she is doing another new trick!! Here are some of the pictures we took while visiting!

Snugglin Papa Jim
Our little family on the swing by the lake... Yes Please!

Too Fun

Avee... The model...

My favorite picture of us...ever
Giving Nana some kisses


Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Since over a week ago when Avery started crawling... she has't stopped! :) She's gotten faster and faster... and REALLY doesn't like sitting (even more so than before). Now she is pulling up on everything. Im so proud of her... but this growing up thing is NOT ok with her Dada and I! So we will have to have ANOTHER discussion with her about this... since it is obviously not working! :)

Here are some pictures of our standing babe!

And here is a picture of my two loves passed out in bed...


Sunday, April 4, 2010


There in the ground His body lay. Light of the world by darkness slain: Then bursting forth in glorious Day, up from the grave he rose again! And as He stands in victory, sin's curse has lost its grip on me! For I am His and He is mine - Bought with the precious blood of Christ.

Happy Easter- He is Risen!

Our little family

Avee's Gammie (my mom)

With G-pa


Every year, Ernest has to go to Savannah for the flight simulator. Usually we plan it close to our anniversary for a little trip, but this year we were a little early. This year we had Avery! With that being said, we were probably a little "boring"... but it's worth it! :)
We usually stay at The Inn at Ellis Square and LOVE it there. Since this year's trip was more of a last minute thing, the Mariott prices were better... so we stayed there. WE WERE SO UNIMPRESSED!!
Internet was $25 a day
Parking was $18 a day
They did NOT have complementary breakfast; and a "regular" breakfast was $18! WHAT????
Needless to say we left that hotel vowing to NEVER stay there again!!

Here are the pictures we took that weekend! I love my little family.
                                                Our view! (one good thing about this hotel)
Out at Bubba's Oyster House with our good friend Sam who took the picture

My love crawling on the bed

Two Peas...

SO LONG SAVANNAH (and the over-priced hotel)