Friday, January 22, 2010

Little Miss Muffett SAT...

ITS OFFICIAL: For about a week now, Avee has become a "SITTER"! Our sweet baby can now sit all by herself. This is so wonderful, while at the same time bittersweet for her mommy. It feels like a few days ago this beautiful Angel in my life was born.

sitting at Gammie's... with Gammie lipstick kisses on her face

The flash kept making her blink

about to pounce on the moving butterfly

Got it! Then she held it down while it "click clicked" and flapped its wings trying to move

Thursday, January 7, 2010


My sweet baby and her daddy... she love giggling now. She laughs all the time... this is proof! :) This was before bed, right after her bath for the night.

Hope this makes you giggle too!

Avee's FIRST SNOW day!!!

WHEATHER ALERT: Today in Georgia... yes GEORGIA... there was snow!! and it wasn't only 5 or 6 snow flakes... it was a Georgia blizzard! :)
Avery I know loved it... cause she loves cold weather! Here are the pictures we took today. We had to wait for daddy to be home to take pictures, and it was dark- like always. So I apologize for the dark pictures! I promise there is snow in them though.

I like to Eat Eat Eat apples and bananas!

We have started Avery on cereal, oatmeal and fruit! She LOVES it!! We are only doing one meal a day, usually at night before her last feeding while she goes to sleep. We are going to continue nursing, except for the one meal- until the doctor says to go to 3 meals a day, while nursing in between. Avery LOVES cereal and oatmeal with bananas and apples. Im sure she will love all the other fruit too, but those are the only two we've tried so far. in between bites she reaches and leans towards the bowl and spoon... she's addicted! The first night we gave her plain cereal... and that night she was up screaming like she does when her tummy hurts with gas... the next night we mixed it with bananas- and she did great. Come to find out... I looked on the side of the box and there is SOY in the Rice Cereal... and SOY makes her tummy hurt sooo bad! If I ever have anything with SOY, her stomach gets so upset. So when mixed with a good bit of fruit... she seems to do better. But as a whole, we are sticking to the Whole Wheat Oatmeal- that does NOT have soy. Here are a few pictures of Avery and her yummy dinner!


Out at dinner... so Avee needs to eat too!

HAHAHAHA MOMMA!! Im touching the table!!! AND little did she know I sanitized the edge of the table... and whipped her hands several times before they reached her mouth! :)

 Helping Momma

At our favorite Sushi Place!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

2010 is here!!! 2009 was an amazing year in our lives. Mainly of course because our precious angel was born. It is so amazing how much your life changes when you have a baby in your life. We could not be happier with our lives right now... and really pray 2010 will be just as wonderful! Its planning to be a big year for the Polk family. This is the year Ernest will be deploying for 13 months. My prayers for 2010 involve keeping him safe, keeping Avery and I safe while he is away, that we stay healthy and busy while we're apart- making the time go by faster, and that my mom and stepdad have a better year in 2010 since the economy in 2009 and a concrete company didn't mix well.

Until he is home again, I dont think a year can top 2009 for us... But we are SO proud of him and I know we have loved ones watching over the 3 of us- keeping us safe.

New Years Eve was also "low key". We went to our friends Mike and Helen's house until about 10 or so, then headed home for the night. I enjoyed snuggling on the couch this year for the countdown. Celebrating is fun, but I'm pretty sure I am going to soak in all the snuggling I can get this year!! :)
Ernest wanted to take some pictures of his two girls before 2009 ended... and here are how they turned out!

And my favorite

Just chillin downstairs with the boys at the Viskups' house

24th Birthday!

The time has come, and I am one year older. This year, having a baby along made the celebration a little more "low key" than other birthdays. We opted to go to dinner with some friends and could not of had more fun! We sure do have some amazing buddies in our lives- and having them there to celebrate was wonderful! We have our normal group of friends that are 99% of the time at all the gatherings... which makes you really grateful for those people- always there for you to count on! We went to California Dreaming (one of my favorites). Since it was my birthday- I got a free meal! AND... I was able to choose any meal on the entire menu... so why get 1 rack of ribs when they have a 2 rack meal?! I mean come on... I needed to get my free meal's worth! SO, for the night I was on the Adkins Diet... and ate almost the entire 2 racks of ribs... and chose to leave my pashed potatoes! Mmmmmmm Mmmmmm... they were yummy! Come on now- I have a baby to feed... she takes about 500 of my daily calories- THEREFORE, eating 2 racks of ribs is only helping- not hurting! I need my fill too! :) Ok, I'm done defending myself for the ribs... here are the pictures from the night. So much fun- and thanks to all my sweet friends that could make it!

Mike and Helen

Avery was in one of her "fussy" moods... and wanted me up and moving almost the entire time. I would sit, she would freak, I would stand- she would stop. (see, already working off the ribs!)

Sam and his 2 boys

Sweet baby's teeth were hurting too.

Rhonda with Aiden

All the girls!

Yes, this is blurry... the waiter we had reminded my of Ferris Bueller... and he really had a difficult time taking out group picture.
Take 1:
Bueller??... Bueller???... Bueller??

Take 2:... He just... clicked it...I love this picture- but not so much either

And finally... Take 3- People around us were literally cheering when he finally figured it out. YES- we were THAT group!

And- my BEAUTIFUL 12 white and 12 red roses from my sweet hubby with the most perfect card. Im a lucky girl! I love you handsome!!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Final Christmas! #3

This was at Ernest's Great Aunt Mary's house. We love visiting them and eating the yummy yummy food! Lots of pictures taken here!!
Avery loves her Grand-dad

So this year we stayed at a hotel since we have no idea when Avery will have a "good" or "bad" night. we didnt want to wake everyone up all night. We were first going to stay where Ernest's sister was staying.... but when we got therem got our key, saw who was across the hall (drunk old druggies) we quickly turned around and went to the next exit to a MUCH better Hampton Inn. ehhh- that first hotel was a "non smoking" hotel smells like a smoke stack... guess someone wasnt following the rules!! Thank you Lord for clean hotels!!

Avery's thinking "wow that is one cute baby!!"

This was Avee's face when we walked in the first NASTY hotel.

playing on the bed. Baby bouncing... SOFTLY!

They were POOPED when we finally got home!!!