Sunday, July 24, 2011

Father's Day

Since Daddy wasn't home this father's day, we wanted to send him a VERY special package!!! Avery has the most incredible Daddy she could ever ask for. She has no idea how much he loves her. He is so special to us, so we wanted to make sure he knew how much we love him... and cherish and celebrate him on days JUST for Daddys! Here are all the goodies he got from his little princess!!! (all these pictures were sent to him as well... to show how she helped or made EVERYTHING!!!

We made a bear for Daddy!! It looks just like him. 

Here are some pictures of the process of HER making it for him...

The lady let her put 2 hearts in Buggy Bear... one for Avery and one for Mommy. Avery and I gave each of the hearts kisses just for Daddy's heart! 

These are some pictures of Avery painting a picture for Daddy... (our left handed baby)

This is the book I made to show Daddy all Avery did

A picture of the bear, and on the bear's hand it says "push my hand" We recorded Avery saying "Da da da da" which E knows means I LOVE DADA... she's said it that way for a looong time!! 

The heart we sent him to keep in his pocket. This is on one side... 

This is the one Avery and I keep with us

This is the size, and what they both say on the back


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  1. How precious and thoughtful! You are so creative!