Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thinking out loud... and seeking HIM

Why is it people say you seek God at the hardest points in your life? What about those of us who already know him?  If the hardest obstacles in life make you who you are in the end... why do we pray to try to prevent it?  Do we search for God thinking it will purely “fix” what needs to be fixed and ultimately change the outcome of a situation... do we pray for self comfort that you did all you could... now it's up to Him? Or do we pray for answers, seeking someone who knows before it happens?? I am passionate for God, but have realized I sometimes tend to go longer than I would like without talking to him. Lately I find myself falling to my knees, or closing my eyes to seek Him and His comfort around me more than I ever have before. I believe in Him with all my heart and soul and know He reminds us every day of His power, mercy and glory. We all have our daily struggles and pains. For me, one huge daily struggle is listening to my precious daughter ask for her “Daddy” every time she gets upset or wants something… hoping he will be there to comfort her (a comfort only a Daddy can fill). For now, Mommy will have to do- and I promise to give EXTRA snuggles while I remind her how much her Daddy loves his precious “Bug”. I could not be more proud of the handsome man I married- And I hope he knows that. I can’t wait to have him home where he is supposed to be- Where he is constantly hugged and kissed by his two favorite girls. I know at a time like this I am seeking him more than I have in the past… But me seeking God isn't in desperation... mine is in clarity and comfort.

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  1. That was sweet. I know this is a difficult time for you guys and I will be in the same boat in a few months. But this too shall pass and when you guys are reunited it will be just like it always was.